Clinic La Prairie, Montreux

Located in the Swiss town of Montreux, directly on the shores of Lake Geneva, Clinique La Prairie is considered as one of the most famous in the world.

Hospital specialization
Two specializations are to be  pointed out: the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic and the Menopause  department. They offer both basic and customized programs. Among the most popular procedures is worth noting liposuction surgery to change the shape of the breast, blepharoplasty and circular facelift.

The center for Aesthetic Medicine is working with the Beautymed center, which is situated in the clinic’s spa center . This allows you to achieve really good results in a relatively short time.

The Menopause Center was created to address the problems of women in a specific age group. The center provides a range of services in this area, including psychological counseling.

Spa with a medical approach.
A new wellness center clinic was opened in 2005. The center is fully integrated into the clinic, and works closely with the Medical Center. It offers a thalassotherapy center, two swimming pools, a large gym. The spa center has trained medical personnel, all procedures are based on an exclusive cosmetic line:  Swiss Perfection.
It offers weekly programs or weekend programs. Special procedures: microdermabrasion, special peeling, facial Simonin (elektroridoliz), ATS  procedures (microcurrent therapy gold electrodes). Complex procedures are performed with local anesthesia.

Good service and perfect location.
The clinic is located just an hour’s drive from the international airport of Geneva, right on the shores of Lake Leman. Montreux town is  surrounded by the Alps, which creates a unique microclimate.

In addition to high quality treatment, Clinique La Prairie offers accommodation in two small guest houses with all complex of services of a five star hotel.

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