Clinic Valmont Genolier, Montreux Glion

Clinique de Valmont-Genolier is superbly situated between Lake Geneva and the Garmont mountains. Since opening in 1905, the clinic has welcomed a whole host of key political players, actors, writers and artists, all of whom were attracted by the high quality of treatment on offer and the magical atmosphere.

Since 1994 the clinic has specialised in neurological rehabilitation programmes for patients who have suffered a cerebral stroke, spinal cord or peripheral nerves stroke, as well as rehabilitation programmes for osteoarticular diseases (fractures, traumas, joint surgery, inflammatory and chronic bone or joint diseases, osteoporosis etc.). Patients may have different disorders (paralysis, movement and speech impairments, amnesia) and may have lost independence in their everyday life. With the aim of helping its patients to once again be able to live independently as quickly as possible, Clinique de Valmont-Genolier provides multidisciplinary treatment therapies and rehabilitation courses, which are based on modern medical methods

The homely atmosphere of the clinic along with the high quality medical services and all the comforts of a hotel bring all the necessary components to create a favourable environment for a successful rehabilitation programme.

A bit of history:

The Clinique de Valmont-Genolier was established in 1905 by Dr. Henri-August Vidmer, an expert in the most innovative methods of treatment for mental diseases, especially those linked to nutrition and neural disorders. Having studied at many universities across Europe (Leipzig, Kiel, Bale, Paris, Nancy) Dr. Vidmer first practiced in Lausanne where he created the foundation of a university clinic. Later, as the director of the La Metairie clinic, where he treated psychiatric illnesses, Dr. Vidmer opened the La Colline clinic, which specialized in treating organic diseases. The success of his clinic and his medical treatments encouraged him to begin constructing the Clinique de Valmont-Genolier. Soon the clinic began to specialise in the treatment of nervous system disorders, using heliotherapy, electrotherapy, radiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Individually tailored diets were also an important part of the treatment. Since 1994 the clinic specializes in neurological rehabilitation.

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