Endocrinology, check-up

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Problems within the endocrine system can result in numerous disorders, including diabetes, obesity, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis and hormone malfunction. Symptoms of endocrine disorders often take months or years to show up and can be easily overlooked by the patient.

Many patients also suffer from other serious conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and circulatory problems. These often call for exacting and sophisticated medical techniques and careful monitoring by specialists from different fields.

Our endocrinology check-up includes:

  • Initial consultation with a doctor and drawing up test program
  • Thyroid gland ultrasound
  • General and biochemical blood analyses
  • Thyroid Scan (Thyroid Scintigraphy)
  • An analysis of the hormone levels in the blood and urine
  • A second and final consultation with the doctor and a diagnosis report

*If necessary, an puncture (biopsy) of the thyroid gland with laboratory investigations may be prescribed, 650 CHF

Price: 3’300 CHF
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