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About us

HPC, Health and Prevention Center in Geneva is primarily specialized in health prevention programs, outpatient check-ups (medical check-ups) and rehabilitation after cancer.

From 2004 until mid-2020, our medical center was named INCORPORE MEDICAL CENTER. In 2020, we made a number of changes in our activities and changed our name. From now on our medical center is called “HPC Health and Prevention Center”. We have entered a new phase of cooperation with the Beau Rivage Hotel, where our patients will be mainly accommodated. The Beau Rivage Hotel provides our patients with special accommodation facilities.
For the convenience of our patients, we perform laboratory tests and a wide range of preventive and rehabilitation procedures directly in the patient’s room at the Beau Rivage hotel, while consultations with doctors are still held in our medical center located near the hotel. If the patient needs to undergo invasive examinations / procedures or surgery, our specialists will select doctors, professors specializing in a particular area of medicine, as well as a partner clinic, best equipped and optimally suited to the requirements. The main task of our medical center is to provide the most professional services in the medical field.


In 16 years of our existence, we have built up a network of the best doctors recognized throughout Switzerland and Europe. Among them there are international celebrities in various medical fields. In cooperation with the best specialists in Geneva and Switzerland, we offer our patients the most modern and high-tech medical facilities.

doctorsHPC, Health and Prevention Center, combines professional and highly qualified doctors from Switzerland with an excellent reputation among both doctors and patients, with many years of experience: doctors of science, professors, associate professors, FMH specialists. Our task is to find for you a doctor in our country, who specializes in solving your problem and issues in the most technologically prepared clinic for effective examination and surgical intervention. Treatment in Switzerland means state-of-the-art technology, latest generation equipment and, of course, doctors of the highest class. Treatment and diagnostics in Switzerland with HPC, Health and Prevention Center are highly effective and comfortable.

Our medical center cooperates with various private clinics as well as public hospitals, which allows us to offer our patients the whole range of the most modern medical and technical services. It is also worth mentioning that the doctors with whom we work are competent in various fields of medicine, such as heart surgery, neurosurgery, oncology, stroke and other neurological diseases, rehabilitation after oncology, infertility treatment, obstetrics, rejuvenation, plastic surgery, dentistry and more.
Particular emphasis in our activities is placed on disease prevention. The purpose of preventive check-ups is to determine whether the patient is at risk and if so, to prevent the development of the disease as far as possible.

Our preventive programs include laboratory diagnostics, various radiology tests, various blood and urine analyses to diagnose physio-pathological imbalances, recommendations on diet and lifestyle, cleansing of the body, removal of heavy metals, etc. The aim of our preventive examinations is to determine whether the patient is at risk and if so, to prevent the development of the disease.

Treatment and diagnosis at the Geneva Health and Prevention Center includes a complete diagnostic examination using the latest equipment. Treatment in Switzerland consists of highly qualified doctors, excellent care, the most modern clinics with excellent equipment and quality service. Not only the best clinics, but also the best doctors in the best clinics of Switzerland – this is our offer to you. HPC Center for Health Prevention will do everything possible to ensure that the organization of your treatment is perfect and fully comply with your wishes! We will always be there for you. We will always help you with any questions you may have. Your health is our concern.

Advantages of cooperation with HPC Center for Health Prevention:

hand1. Experience in the medical field for over 16 years, highly qualified staff
2. Cooperation with the best doctors in Switzerland
3. Reliability
4. We work absolutely in all areas of medicine
5. We provide a full range of services for our patients. In addition to medical examinations and treatment, we provide specialized medical interpreters, hotel reservations, transfers, visa support, etc..
6. Efficiency in providing information and health programs
7. Medical support for patients after their stay in Switzerland
8. We speak 5 languages ​​(French, English, German, Russian, Italian). We have Russian-speaking staff
9. We have a representative office in Moscow
10. You can reach us easily, even on holidays and weekends, when all other offices are closed

The team
Doctor José Bengoa
Gastroenterology; Internist consultations
Doctor Edya Fuhrmann
Docteur Bruno Gauthier
Dental surgeon
Doctor Sandrine Grept Locher
Anti aging; Micronutrition; Internist consultation
Doctor Jean-Pierre Jubin
Prevention; Internist consultation
Doctor Krisztina Korcsog
General medicine; Natural medicine; Bioresonance and biofeedback
Doctor Tatiana Kozlova
Professor Hans Michael Ockenfels
Doctor Oliver H. de Frahan
Plastic surgery
Nicolas Stucki
General Director
Marina Drozd
Tatiana Laukhtina
Incorpore Moscow office, director
Regina Shchegoleva
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