Clinic Cecil, Lausanne

Cecil Clinic was founded in 1937 high above the city of Lausanne. The clinic’s rooms afford splendid views of Lake Geneva and the city of Lausanne and its mountain backdrop. Since 1990 it has been part of the Hirsladen Group of private Swiss clinics, which has 12 members. Cecil Clinic has a system of affiliated doctors which ensures first class medical standards across a whole range of medical spheres. This, combined with top-of-the-range equipment: 6 operating theatres, a dialysis centre, A&E, a pain relief centre, a centre for the diagnosis and treatment of incontinence, a radiology lab, intensive care, a coronary centre, and a research laboratory.

The clinic is also well known for its friendly atmosphere, which, combined with the excellent hotel-standard service from highly experienced personnel, allows for the finest quality service. At their disposal, patients have: the choice of 2 daily menus delivered to their rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a hairdressing salon, a cosy hall, and a small convenience store. Some rooms also have the option of a terrace or balcony

Located just a five minute walk from the 5 star Lausanne Palace & Spa, it is very convenient for out-patients who are not required to live in at the clinic. Some of the clinic’s doctors can arrange visits to the patient personally at the hotel, both in the lead up to and after the operation.

Services offered include: surgery and cardiology, general and vascular surgery, surgery on the digestive system, the large intestine, thoracic surgery, intracranial brain surgery, urology, gynaecology and obstetrics, plastic surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery; a diabetes clinic, gastroenterology, oncology and pneumology labs.

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