Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht, Neurology Rehabilitation Center

The Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht is situated in the picturesque part of Switzerland in the heart of Canton of Thurgau, in Zihlschlacht, a small village 50 minutes’ drive from Zurich international airport and 20 minutes to St. Gallen. The country air and pleasant climate – what could be better for rehabilitation and recovery?

The Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht is the leading Swiss clinic for neurologic rehabilitation and the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The clinic’s main area of expertise is the neurological rehabilitation of patients with acute, sub-acute and chronic diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system in phases B, C and D. A synergetic, interdisciplinary programme has been created from varied and multistage therapeutic methods. The clinic’s medical team (neurologists, psychiatrists, physicians, physical therapists and specialists in social medicine and rehabilitation procedures) guarantees total diagnostic and therapeutic care. What’s more, the clinic works closely with distinguished doctors – cardiologists, angiologists, urologists, phlebotomists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, psychiatrists and others. In complicated cases consultations with these specialists can be arranged.

Neurological rehabilitation at the clinic is a 24-hour programme – in which patients receive constant care and supervision from the clinic’s qualified personnel.

Doctors, therapists and medical personnel adjust their programme and treatment to each individual patient. The earlier the rehabilitation programme is started the more hope there is for success.

The goal of the treatment and therapy programmes is the best reintegration back into patients’ private and, if possible, professional life possible.

The main areas of therapy:

• The Centre for Early Neurologic Rehabilitation
• The Parkinson’s Centre
• Programme for treating disorders of the body’s motor functions
• Neurourology (secretion disorders)
• Dysphagy (swallowing abnormalities)
• Neuroophthalmologic rehabilitation (eyesight abnormalities)

The clinic offers the following range of therapies:

• Active personalized care
• Physical therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Occupational therapy
• Speech therapy
• Music therapy
• Neuropsychology
• Clinical psychology
• Mechanotherapy
• Movement education/Qi Gong
• Neuroophthalmology
• Neurourology
• Pain therapy
• Specialised therapy for Parkinson’s disease
• Professional skills Therapy
• Personal hygiene education and precautionary practices
• Social services and career-guidance

Diagnostics: As soon as the patient enters the Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht, a general diagnostic investigation is carried out (X-ray examination, ultrasound, encephalogram, electromyogram, electronystagmography, electrocardiogram, laboratory analysis and other tests). If more complicated examinations are required (such as computer tomography and others) patients are directed to the neighbouring radiological centre at the canton’s University Hospital.

Location: in the middle of a large park, in the picturesque village of Zihlschlacht, 50 minutes’ drive from Zurich international airport and 20 minutes from St. Gallen .

Accommodation: 100 beds in spacious and cosy double or private rooms. Every room has a TV, telephone, bathroom with a toilet, shower and all necessary toiletries.

The clinic consists of several modern buildings and two older buildings that have recently been renovated, all of which are interlinked. Moreover, the Parkinson’s Centre has just open another new building – the Pavilion.

Additional services: indoor pool, which is heated to body temperature – perfect for muscle relaxation – and an adjustable floor, a gymnasium, training centre, cafeteria, hair salon, laundry, cash machine and parking area.

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