Chronosome ™ Formula

A unique biomolecular formula based on your DNA developed in Switzerland

A new asset

Our defense and repair capabilities are tested every day in our body and seem to diminish from year to year, causing aging.

Day after day, the regeneration of the cells slows down and alterations appear in all the tissues, naturally, more visible, on the level of the cutaneous apparatus.

But we note that by isolating cells and specifically stimulating certain groups of genes acting in cascade, it is possible to find the regenerative capacity of our young years.

The life expectancy increases and it is essential to increase the resistance potential of your skin, of all your tissues or organs able to establish exchanges in contact with the active ingredients contained in Chronosome.

Cosmetology usually uses plant extracts or biological extracts.

Mastering new technologies, sequencing your DNA and understanding the mechanisms of aging can broaden the range of anti-aging products. From now on you are the source of these new assets.

Chronosome ™, made from your own DNA, becomes its exclusive vector.

This product is totally personalized. You will be the sole beneficiary of its effectiveness, it can not be exchanged or offered to others because, as you know, the DNA of each human body is personal and unique.

Why do we age?

The ends (telomeres) of the chromosomes, made up of a long DNA molecule, decrease during each cell division, signaling that changes take place inside the nucleus of our cells. This is only a sign, long taken for a cause.

Some genes in your DNA code the speed and rate of repair of your cells, their ability to divide and regenerate. In time, these abilities seem to be restricted, the maintenance of your cells is not done entirely and aging begins. In fact, everything remains potentially identical and if one stimulates an elderly cell correctly, it is competent and able to manufacture all the substances necessary for a perfect functioning like a young cell.

 Good news

The pooling of the discoveries of many collaborators makes it possible to better understand the role of our genetic heritage, and thereby, one of the main reasons for cell aging. This process is not inevitable. In fact, by taking cells and isolating their DNA, the cell division is interrupted and the countdown is stopped, this DNA no longer ages and can, thanks our exclusive processing, continue to give orders effective cell regulation.

Like a photographic snapshot, your DNA is protected from time, the potential of rejuvenation of this DNA, incorporated into Chronosome ™ can be restored to you for years. Chronosome ™ and your DNA will now be your most valuable allies in the fight against aging.

Chronosome ™ revolutionizes the anti-aging care, acts in the long term and in depth, without removing you the pleasure of taking care of your skin with the everyday cosmetics which act on the surface.

Beyond the care, a real anti-aging strategy

The Chronosome ™ concept represents a major technological evolution in modern cosmetology.

This new cosmeceutical, based on complex manufacturing protocols, guarantee totally individualized care with maximum efficiency.

The know-how of multidisciplinary partners, working in synergy, has allowed the development of this true anti-aging strategy.

How does Chronosome ™ work?

With each application, Chronosome ™, a true source of youth, allows your skin to tap the regenerative potential in your preserved DNA. Its extraordinary restorative abilities stimulate the regeneration and cellular metabolism of your skin. The epidermis naturally finds its performance, its raw qualities and the ability to maintain a good balance of functioning despite external constraints (homeostasis).

Only Chronosome ™ uses endogenous DNA to actively fight the appearance and effects of aging-related skin dysfunction.

This endogenous DNA avoids the risk of sensitivity or allergic reaction.

Beneficial at any age!

The most recent research shows that very quickly we will live up to more than 120 years. Our research will allow us get older in a healthier state.

The increase in life expectancy (on average 1 year every 4 years) implies taking care of oneself. Whatever your age at the beginning of treatment, Chronosome ™ acts on time and helps preserve the vitality of your skin.

Chronosome ™ is naturally effective in duration and its effects are amplified over time. Its bio molecular formulation is suitable for both men and women regardless of their skin type.

Set up this anti-aging strategy, three steps:

1st step

Saliva collection kit at disposal of the patient with instructions for use in many languages.

2nd step

The recipient deposits saliva samples containing the active ingredients in the transport tube provided for this purpose.

3rd step

Your DNA sample will be forward to  Laboratoire SwissCheckUp SA.

This laboratory, with your agreement, will extract your DNA, purify it and process it for a storage of several years. The storage of the first 10 years is included in the price of the first order.  Without a yearly renewing of your membership, the storage of your DNA will be deleted and your DNA destroyed. .

Sensitivity tests were performed for the support of the biomolecular formula. As for the formula itself, you can not be allergic to your own genetic material

Your Chronosome ™ can be delivered to you once a year or twice a year, carefully prepared, each time with your genetic material protected from aging in our secure centers. You have the choice to order a box of 4 vials for 6 months or 1 box of 8 vials for one year. Each order extends your storage for the next year.

The availability of your Chronosome ™ serum is in the form of annual membership to the Swiss Age Club for an annual amount of CHF 5000.00.

During this period, we are committed to providing Chronosome ™ for optimal use during the contract period. One year renewable from year to year

** Advances in technology will certainly allow you to benefit from new medical and cosmeceutical developments, but also from predictive diagnoses, leading to real prevention advice or future treatments. For this reason our corporate ethic does not allow us to offer you a contract-formula higher than 10 years without allowing you to benefit from our research.

How to use the biomolecular formula

Chronosome ™ is used daily on previously cleaned and prepared skin. The application is done only in the evening, by massaging the sensitive parts of the face (eye contour, crow’s feet, …).


>          We deliver 8 vials per year (you can choose between packing 4 vials every 6 months or 8 vials for one year).

>          Each 30ml vial dispenses the active ingredients drop by drop for daily use for one month and half

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