Clinic Genolier, Genolier

The Genolier Clinic is one of the most effective clinics for the treatment and diagnosis of different types of cancer. The Institute of Medical Oncology combines oncology, medical radiology (radiotherapy), and surgery under one umbrella, which is extremely advantageous in treating patients effectively. This combination also allows cancer patients to receive courses of treatment in a warm atmosphere with the support of a highly professional team of doctors and medical personnel. The institute also cooperates with many universities and centres in Switzerland, Europe and America, including the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

The Department of Cardiovascular Diseases is also a very important part of the clinic, where staff are able to perform all types of open-heart surgery.

The clinic’s Rehabilitation Centre cares for patients who have had a heart attack or heart surgery. Its intensive rehabilitation programme helps patients to return to leading a normal life as soon as possible.

The Centre for Prevention of Aging gives patients the full picture as to the state of their health. The aim of this programme is: to determine the level of physiological ageing of patients’ body, to explain the risk factors in all cases, and find preventive measures for the diseases or disorder which is causing the changes. After tests, patients are given an individual anti-aging programme (hormone rebalance, antioxidant therapy, mitochondrial medicine and anti-glyoxylate therapy).

Genolier Clinic is situated between Geneva and Lausanne on top of a lakeside hill surrounded by forest and fields. The clinic has about 150 comfortable and spacious rooms, among which there are several Junior Suites and one Presidential Suite, which offer a majestic view of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

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