Visa types

  • Tourist Visa : For people travelling with the purpose of tourism, staying at a hotel or in a rented flat.
  • Business Visa : For people who are invited for business reasons by a Swiss-based company.
  • Student Visa : For people who intend to study in Switzerland.
  • Medical treatment : people undergoing medical treatment or getting medical advice.

Information relevant to all visa types

  • People with the right to abode in certain countries are not required to obtain a Swiss visa .
  • It is strictly forbidden to work during your stay unless your visa clearly states that you are allowed to e.g. work visa.
  • Each visa application is considered individually and there is no guarantee, that the visa application will be successful. The embassy does not take responsibility for additional charges which may be accrued as a result of a visa refusal. Please bear in mind that in some cases documents will be sent to the Swiss authorities for consideration. Should this be the case then the application period can be as long as 12 weeks.
  • Should your documents be sent to the Swiss authorities then you are required to pay CHF 5 for the postage fee.
  • Vaccinations: information on vaccinations received it is not required.
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