Grangettes Paediatrics Clinic, Geneva

The Pediatric center of clinic des Grangettes opened its doors to young patients in October 2009, thanks to the funding of the Hans Wilsdorf Fondation, the founder of the famous Rolexn watch brand .

The Pediatric center of clinic des Grangettes is also a center for pediatric emergency, open to patients from 10.00 to 20.00 seven days a week.

The architects of this  “miracle building”, Jacques Roulet and Rino Brodbeck, tried to combine comfort, convenience and functionality. They have created an unusual glass “island”, oval, inside of which is a huge aquarium of  ten meters height with thousands of colorful fish from Lake Tanganyika.

The Pediatric center building was designed in such a way that both kids and parents feel comfortable and positive.

The center has among  the best pediatricians, in the field of cardiology, surgery, or infectious diseases. There are well-equipped operating theaters and radiology with MRI of latest technology. “Absolutely anyone who needs urgent help can apply ,” said Dr. Alessandro Diana responsible for the medical part of the pediatric center.

Pediatric Radiology

Children are not “little adults” and pathologies that they may develop, differ from the diseases in adults. Imaging techniques are basically the same as for adults, but there are differences. Basically, the difference is in size and physiology.

Age of the patients always varies from newborns (even born prematurely) to teenagers, so it’s always necessary to adapt the visualization system (radiography, MRI, CT), as the dose of contrast agent for each patient individually.

Another important factor is the anatomy of the small ones. Their development and growth leads to a lot of changes. It is important to be aware of these changes, as well as the pathology to interpret correctly radiological images. Ignorance of these points often results in poor image interpretation by radiologists for adults.

The Technical infrastructure is absolutely unique for a private clinic. It combines in one place all the possible radiological diagnostic equipment including remote digital X-ray, ultrasound and MRI 1.5 Tesla, as well as a room for anesthesia.

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