Cancer prevention

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This screening is a preventive examination. Its purpose is to determine whether the patient is at risk for cancer.

In our screening, we not only focus on tests, but we also give recommendations for prevention, lifestyle correction and healthy nutrition, because nutrition is very important in the context of cancer prevention, of course, in combination with other aspects of our life, such as physical activity, emotional stability, treatment of chronic inflammations, purification from heavy metals, etc.

The relationship between nutrition, musculoskeletal and body fat composition, physical activity and different types of cancer has been proven. Among the known facts are the protective effect of physical activity against colon cancer, the adverse effects of excess fat mass on breast cancer in postmenopausal women, or the relationship between very high salt intake and the risk of stomach cancer.

How the examination is carried out

This screening is done jointly by an oncologist and a prevention specialist. Doctors consult the patient to learn about the medical and surgical history of the family and the patient himself, his socio-occupational environment, as well as his lifestyle and eating habits.

We also monitor the levels of heavy metals in the blood and urine (included in the BIOCHECKUP analysis), because heavy metals affect almost all systems of the body, having a toxic, allergic, carcinogenic and gonadotropic effect. If the test results show elevated levels of heavy metals (which unfortunately often happens in big cities) our doctor recommends the appropriate treatment.

After performing a set of tests, the doctor summarizes the results at the final consultation, gives the patient appropriate recommendations depending on the results, and makes a plan for further regular monitoring of the patient’s health.

Examination Program

Stages of basic examination:
  1. Initial consultation with an oncologist
  2. Oncomarkers
    – Men: PSA, CEA, CA19-9, total and free.
    – Women: CA125, CA15-3, CA19-9, CEA
  3. BIOCHECKUP advanced blood and urine tests for early diagnosis of pathological imbalances and diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles (see details below)*.
  4. Consultation with a nutritionist, study of eating habits, lifestyle, stress levels. Discussion of results with therapeutic recommendations to change eating and lifestyle habits, etc. based on the results of the examination
  5. Final consultation with an oncologist.
Price: 4’950 CHF

including everything mentioned in points 1-5.

If necessary, radiological tests, examinations by a nuclear medicine specialist, onco-genetic studies and consultations with other specialists may take place for an additional fee.

Radiology exams :

  • PET/CT scan : CHF 4’300.00
  • Pelvic MRI: CHF 2’500.00
  • Mammary MRI: CHF 1’500.00
  • Mammary US + Mammography: CHF 850.00
  • Prostate US: CHF 650.00

Additionnal consultations :

  • Urology consultation : CHF 650.00
  • Gynecology consultation (incl US and PAP) : CHF 650.00
  • Gastroenterology consultation + Colonoscopy and Biopsy : CHF 2’500.00
  • Dermatology consultation: CHF 650.00
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