After oncology rehab.,
relapse prevention

Live better, live longer

The benefits of our rehabilitation

  • Restoring immunity
  • Heavy metal detoxification
  • Cleaning the body of the effects of chemotherapy
  • Recurrence prevention
  • To improve the patient’s well-being and quality of life
  • No side effects.
  • Course duration 6 days (course can be repeated later)

Surgery. Chemotherapy. Radiation therapy. Heavy and toxic treatment are behind you. And what is ahead? How to rehabilitate after such a blow to the body, and to restore your immune system? Struggling against cancer is a huge path for a human being. First there is the diagnosis to accept and then quickly comes the concrete fight. It may include surgery, small or big, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonotherapy and new treatments like immunotherapy for certain types of tumour. Fortunately nowadays, our modern medicine constantly continues to improve to overcome this still mysterious disease.

However, for many persons, this whole treatment process takes months and implicates very tough moments. Indeed, there are several rounds during which the human being will go through painful physical states, depression, doubts, fear, solitude and so on. And in several cases, once the therapy is over, the patient is physically and mentally exhausted. And what then?

During many years that our medical centre has been around people treated for cancer, we were always thinking about what happens next. Yes the patient is in remission, yes the patient finally can finish with his treatment and can rest. But is this enough after all he went through? We had the feeling that once the therapy is over, the doctors are done, and the patient is on his own. Of course he will have to be checked regularly but that’s it.

What about the recovery part

What about all these toxic products (platinum and other heavy metals for example) that went in the body during chemotherapy and that could provoke long terms problems such as neuropathy, hormonal imbalance, heart problems etc.

Thus our center decided to build up with its internist specializing in prevention and age management a rehabilitation program for oncology patients.

The programme begins with a comprehensive medical assessment of the patient’s health condition. He is then offered therapy consisting of a one-week course of intravenous perfusions (most likely, the doctor will recommend repeating this programme after six months, and then taking it in a shortened form once/six months).
The composition of the dropps is created individually for each patient, taking into account the results of the tests and are only products of natural origin: antioxidants, anti-glycans, multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, oligo elements and chelating components to cleanse the body from the effects of aggressive chemotherapy on various organs (liver, heart, blood vessels, nervous system, kidneys, etc.)

This therapy, has no side effects, and also leads to the destruction of potential cancer or pre-cancer cells that are resistant to chemotherapy or classical radiation therapy which can potentially be responsible for the recurrence of cancer after several years.


  1. On the first day, a physical examination and an extended biocheck blood and urine test (described below).
  2. Analysis of the intestinal flora of Floriscan to identify harmful eating habits and acid-alkaline imbalance. This analysis can also be used to draw conclusions about invasive changes in the mucous membrane and permeability disorders, e.g. in the context of allergies and chronic inflammatory processes or tumours.
  3. Initial consultation with a physician, comprehensive medical assessment of the patient’s health status.
  4. Nutritional training to improve immunity is an important part of maintaining the quality of life of post cancer patients.

5. A series of procedures to cleanse the body from the effects of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation therapy on various organs (liver, heart, vessels, nervous system, kidneys, etc.).
All intravenous dropps are made exclusively of natural products, antioxidants, anti-glycans, multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, oligo elements and chelating agents. No side effects.

6. Protection against possible cancer recurrence.
Powerful treatment for the destruction of potential cancer or precancerous cells resistant to chemotherapy or classical radiation therapywhich could potentially be responsible for cancer relapse after several years.

7. Final consultation, advice on lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, prescription of bio-supplements, pre-biotics and probiotics.

  • Duration of therapy: 6 days
  • Every day the patient receives 2 different intravenous droppers (duration of the procedure is 2-3 hours).
  • The perfusions will remove all the toxic effects of chemotherapy/radiotherapy on the various organs, and will restore energy and well-being. This creates the body’s immunity against any possible recurrence of cancer.

It is strongly recommended to repeat this treatment (in abbreviated form), including blood tests, after 4-6 months.

Cost per 6 days: CHF 13’900.00

including laboratory tests

The treatment is done as an outpatient in our medical center.

Depending on the type of cancer, the patient is recovering from, some physiotherapy sessions with specialist in oncology rehabilitation can be advised.

We also advise to stay in Hotel la Réserve where we can adapt a nutrition and spa program for the patient’s wellbeing.

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