Thermal resorts in Switzerland

Thermal water is rightly considered a natural source of health, youth and beauty. Medicinal properties of groundwater are truly unique.

Thermal resorts in Switzerland are known throughout the world – a modern, comfortable and therapeutic systems, provides a number of a variety of the most effective health services.

Thermal waters are beneficial to the human body. They are widely used in the treatment of respiratory diseases and musculoskeletal system (especially recommended for patients suffering from rheumatism). Just therapeutic baths with thermal water well relieve fatigue, a beneficial effect on the nervous system, help with insomnia. Thermal resorts in Switzerland are considered to be an ideal place for rest and treatment, because in addition to natural resources, they offer their patients a superior quality of health care and hotel services.

Swiss thermal resort offers effective rehabilitation programs, weight loss programs, cleansing, training on nutrition, a variety of surveys and so on. Experienced dietitians develop effective programs to combat overweight and customized menu for guests. Meals are prepared using only healthy and environmentally friendly products. In addition to direct use of thermal waters themselves, many SPA in Switzerland offer their guests therapeutic mud wraps, a variety of massages, scented bath, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, anti-aging treatments for the face and body. List of medical and wellness treatments impresses even the most pampered guests.


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