Procea Fertility Clinic, Lugano

ProCrea is among the major fertility centres in Switzerland, a high quality facility where every year more than two thousand couples come from all over Europe, Asia, and North America. Born from the desire to help couples trying to have a baby, ProCrea unites the most advanced technology with profound attention to the person, in a context where science and passion are put to the service of fertility and, therefore, of life. ProCrea offers patients high professional standards and a continued personal relationship with the team of more than 40 professionals consisting of doctors, biologists, geneticists, and medical help.

Area of specialization

ProCrea Lab (genetic laboratory)
ProCrea has made genetics the heart of its operation: in fact, to make it possible for couples to achieve their desire to have a family, even in complex cases, the genetic approach allows for a complete clinical picture. Genetics can be a fundamental tool to help figure out the causes that prevent pregnancy and to indicate the possible solutions to undertake. In fact, in some cases, undertaking assisted procreation is unnecessary, whereas in other cases it can reveal diseases that, once resolved, can even allow the couple to become pregnant naturally. ProCreaLab is the only molecular genetics laboratory in Switzerland located in a fertility centre

ProCrea Andro (andrology laboratory)
Operating inside the medically assisted reproduction centre ProCrea in Lugano (Switzerland), ProCreaAndro is dedicated to andrology, a branch of medicine regarding men’s health, in particular the health of the urogenital and reproductive systems of men, dealing specifically with diseases that can arise during the man’s lifetime and which can interfere with his fertility. ProCreaAndro collaborates with specialists and has a dedicated laboratory to pinpoint the causes of infertility.


Surrounded by mountains and a splendid lake, Lugano brings together all the characteristics of a metropolis of great style, despite maintaining the traits of a small city.Most particular and striking is the large pedestrian area, which contains the historic centre, full of splendid buildings. ProCrea is located in an ambience where the design of pure lines, the choice of materials and state-of-the-art technology confer both safety and comfort.

Physical spaces and relations are deeply integrated to make every patient feel at ease.

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