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We are equiped for both covid19 tests:

The PCR test:

  • Nose/throat swab
  • For patients that need to check whether they are currently having the virus and infectious

It’s useful for patients that are traveling or in contact with many other people on regular basis.

The serolgoy test:

  • Blood sample
  • For patients that want to know whether they had the virus and developed antibodies
  • A very sensitive screening test is carried out. Please note that the antibody formation may be delayed (3-6 weeks after infection) or, in mild cases, the detection may even remain negative. Depending on the patient’s medical history and findings, a follow-up in 2-3 weeks is recommended in case of a negative result.
    It is not yet clear whether a positive result will result in permanent immunity.

All results are ready in 24hrs

Our nurse can come at your home or work place to take sample

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