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The edelweiss is the landmak of high mountains. In the wild it is a rarity and is under environmental protection. The unique plant is permanently exposed to strong UV rays and extreme wind and weather conditions in its natural environment. It has therefore developed extraordinary natural defenses. Prof. Dr. Ockenfels realizes the unique effects of this active substance from the edelweiss stem cell and incorporates it into the DETOX INTENSE range.

The Queen of the Alps is said to have anti-bacterial, antiseptic and vasocontrictive properties. It is considered a veritable fountain of youth against prematuring skin aging. The precious extract also regenerates skin tonicity and boosts collagen synthesis. The special active ingredient is obtained from the edelweiss plant in an ultra modern extraction process and made available to the DETOX INTENSE products. It is the heart of the unique DETOX INTENSE power combination and is contained in every skincare product.

External and internal factors encourage the aging process. Deep penetrating UV light and the resulting free radicals are responsible for 50% of premature skin aging. Free radicales are molecules that are formed in cells from molecular oxygen as the result of the metabolic process. The release of these free radicals damages molecules that are essential for cell function, which accelerates the aging process. So-called antioxidants have been proven to capture free radicals and render them harmless.

Fighting free radicals is the key issue in premature skin aging. Prof. Dr. Ockenfels and his team have managed to develop a unique combination of active ingredients from the most effective free radical scavengers known to us and based on the comprehensive effects of the edelweiss.


Intensive moisture and skin firming in combination with preventive anti-aging ingredients

  • Contains the unique power combination of selected DETOX INTENSE active agents
  • The innovative active ingredient cocktail replenishes the skin’s moisture reserves and supplies it with firming active agents
  • Highly effective edelweiss stem cells promote collagen synthesis
  • African black bean extract has anti.oxidative properties and an immediate firming effect

Luxurious day cream with UVA protection against premature environmentally induced skin aging

  • The special active ingredient Sulfora-White detoxifies the skin and activates the formation of the skin’s own detox enzymes as well as antioxidants
  • Vitamin E acetate effectively reduces skin damage from UV radiation. It acts as a true radical scavenger
  • High-quality hyaluronic acid regulates the moisture reserves of the skin and improves its elasticity

Innovative anti-aging mask with detoxifying activated carbon and edelweiss stem cells

  • This gel mask is multitalented – it can cleanse, calm, clarify the complexion and gives stressed skin types new energy
  • Activated carbon beads “magnetically” attract dirt particles and deposits and clean the skin thoroughly
  • Edelweiss stem cells protects against oxidative stress, have a firming effect and regenerate the tonicity of the skin

Intensive cleansing with antioxidant effect and the special active substance Exo-Ptm

  • The innovative cleansing gel with Exo-Ptm gently removes dirt and heavy metals and protects agains oxidative stress
  • Extracts from goji berries, cranberry and blackcurrant have highly antioxidative properties and provide effective cell protection
  • The perfect preparation to absorb DETOX INTENSE active ingredient cosmetics
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