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Already very popular in the USA, the gyneco-aesthetics is coming to Europe. The growing demand has nothing surprising, when you take into account that 47% of women are concerned by an aesthetic or functionnal discomfort of their intimate parts.

What are the causes?

Age is a fact, since signs of aging affect not only the skin, but also the genital organs. The vaginal dryness and other intimate discomforts can also be provoked by stress, certain medicine, after giving birth, or among young women taking the pill.

We offer intramucosal or intradermal reticle hyaluronic acid injection, specially made for gynecological indications. The length of action is of 8 months.


  • Intimate dryness
  • Vaginal discomfort
  • Chronic irritations and burn
  • Urinary infections and repeated cystitis
  • Loss of volume of the big lips
  • Skin slackening of the big lips
  • Lack of libido and sensitivity during intercoures
1hr session
from CHF 750.00


  • Hydratation of the vulvo-vaginal zone
  • Relief of the irritated zones
  • Disappearing of the urinary discomfort
  • Reinforcement of the protectiv function of the big lips
  • Improvement of the aesthetic aspect (plumped big lips, skin tightened)
  • Increase of the sexual pleasure
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