Oncology Center Eaux-Vives, Geneva

This institution is providing treatment by radiotherapy and systemic methods (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, specialized therapy).

Cancer Center “Eaux-Vives” in Geneva, is part of the Genolier Clinics Network. The clinic is located in the center of Geneva. With a team of competent and dedicated doctors, known oncologists, this center has become the platform for radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Specialists from different areas of radiation oncology and medical oncology provide comprehensive care for patients with advanced medical techniques in radiation oncology, oncology and hematology, in compliance with medical ethics and respect for patients. The task of rescue teams, having at its disposal advanced technical infrastructure and highly qualified staff, is to accept patients immediately upon receipt. The department of radiation oncology uses high-energy linear accelerator, allowing to take care of more than 30 people a day. In addition, the center has a comfortable and cozy room for sessions of chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Technical equipment of the center:
The technical equipment is a sample of the newest devices in its category that meet all modern requirements.

  1. The department of Computed Tomography has a Philips CT scanner, «Brillance Big Bore». The planning of the irradiation takes place with the support of two information systems planning. First – server Pinnacle Pro P3IMRTfirmy Philips, which also gives an increase in image and data with the help of AcqSim-3 Client. The second consists of TPS «Eclipse EX IMRT» with the planning module HELIOS.
  2. The department of radiation has a linear accelerator from the  firm Varian (model «Clinac 21 EX»), producing photon beams from 6 to 15 MV and electron beams with energies from 6 to 20 MeV. This unit is equipped with a collimator with a few plates and high-resolution remote controlled 4D.

The center is equipped with devices that ensure a very high level of accuracy:

IGRT – a kind of external radiotherapy under radiological control image (Image-Guided Radio-Therapy- IGRT) allows you to monitor the status of every patient. This method is intended to be changed for each session of radiation beam position in line with the position of the treated tumor and sparing healthy organs.

IMRT – a technology used in the center of «Eaux-Vives», which makes it possible to modulate the beam intensity (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy- IMRT), which allows to optimize the distribution of radiation, the dose is maximum in tumor tissues and minimal in healthy tissue around the edges of the tumor ).

ON BOARD IMAGING – this imaging technology (On Board Imaging- OBI; Cone Beam Computerized Tomography- CBCT) allows operators to ensure that the radiation will be produced in a reproducible manner from session to session.

The department of Medical Oncology and Hematology is located on the second floor of the center and includes 4 rooms for outpatient consultations and 5 rooms for patients undergoing systemic therapy. On this floor is also a nurse, a waiting room, an isolated room, for the preparation of cytostatic medications (chemotherapy), in accordance with federal regulations, and two offices (administration, nurse).

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