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Medicine in Switzerland
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Switzerland has great medical potential and offers patients a broad selection of medical services and technologies. The public health system employs around 300,000 people, making medicine one of the most powerful sectors of the country’s economy. Special attention is paid to the development of new medical technologies and their use in modern medicine. According to the WHO, the Swiss public health services system is one of the best and most effective in the world:

Switzerland offers an excellent network of private clinics whose doctors have achieved an FMH diploma or equivalent.

The level of medical services and technology at Swiss private clinics is extremely high. Cooperation between different private clinics and the state hospitals allows clinics to offer the patients the full range of advanced medicine and technology. Swiss private clinics are equally competent in specialised spheres such as heart surgery, neurosurgery and oncology.

The individual doctors in charge of patients’ treatment programmes are always at hand for consultation and, if necessary, are able to refer patients to other specialists quickly. Upon discharge from the clinic, the doctor will give the patient a full medical report, which the patient can supply to health specialists at home, if required.

Private clinics pay special attention to their patients and offer them an individual approach with the help of qualified personnel. A cultural dialogue and mutual understanding between the doctor and the patient is one of the most important factors in the treatment.

The rooms in each clinic are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable stay. Restaurants and cafes offer first class dishes adapted according to patients’ dietary requirements. Should patients desire, it can also be arranged for their friends and relatives to join them and stay at the clinic.

Swiss private clinics aim to meet all aspects of patients’ needs, fitting their treatment into the lifestyle that the patient is accustomed to, in reliable and safe surroundings. All this ensures that every patient feels totally at home.