Stomatology and maxillo facial surgery


Stomatology deals with the study, treatment and prevention of diseases of the teeth and mouth.

Dentistry in Switzerland

Beautiful and healthy teeth provide a handsome smile and raise the level of confidence. Swiss dentists successfully solve any dental problems and make your smile beautiful. Dentists in Switzerland use various innovative technologies, treatment protocols and the most modern facilities. Before treatment the patient is required to make a panoramic picture of the teeth. Methods of modern dentistry, applied in clinics in Switzerland, allow as long as possible to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Dentistry Switzerland (including surgery) is the most advanced in the world. This was achieved due to high professionalism of doctors, the use of modern treatment protocols and the latest technology as well as a friendly and comfortable atmosphere created in hospitals.

When setting any diagnosis, the  Swiss dentist relies on its knowledge and experience; It is important not only to have full confidence, but also an understanding of where you want to move. It is this understanding that distinguishes those who “thinks they know” from those who primarily are willing and able to learn. Unpleasant experience with a dentist can lead to inconvenience in daily life and even a threat to your health. Discomfort may be associated with problems such as aesthetic and functional character.

Very often this condition is tooth decay. Caries can cause nerve inflammation that can lead to an abscess and tooth loss. In this case, dental implant will be needed. It is the installation of a dental implant in the jawbone of the patient. This implant serves as an artificial tooth root.

Dentist orthodontist with special dental temporary or fixed devices, deals with the correction of congenital anomalies of dentition.

Thanks to the professional experience of Swiss dentists, as well as to the progress that has been made in the field of dentistry, the Swiss doctor will be able to achieve your aesthetic and functional problems in just a few visits (and not 25 visits), for two or three months (instead of two or three years).



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