Very often, pregnant mothers on the verge of giving birth to her child face a choice – where to give birth? In her residential country or abroad? Parents are choosing to give birth abroad for various reasons, but mainly they desire to receive medical care at the highest level.

Childbirth in Switzerland means confidence, comfort and safety! Switzerland is the most calm and stable country in the world. Medical care in Switzerland is at the highest level. Friendly attitude, responsible and highly qualified personnel allow mothers to give birth to a healthy baby and to enjoy the process.

The price of the whole event doesnt only include a proper medical services; you must also take into account the cost of living before and after childbirth in Switzerland. You must keep in mind that after 34 weeks of pregnancy, the future mothers are not allowed to board on a plane because of the risk of preterm birth. This means the need to stay in Switzerland in advance. After the birth of the child, the family may return home after 2 to 4 weeks.

We can look for apartments / flats, for an extended stay. In addition to the above points, one need to consider translation services, transfers, and birth registration costs (HPC, Health and Prevention Center in Geneva provides assistance in registration of the child).

Please note that Switzerland does not grant citizenship or residency permit for a newborn or for his parents.

Childbirth in Switzerland

If you decide to give birth in Switzerland, we will arrange for you a proper obstetric program in the best and most reputable clinics in Switzerland.
Our medical center is working exclusively with hospitals who have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001, and some of them belong to the Swiss Leading Hospitals.
We exclusively collaborate with doctors, specialists with the FMH (Swiss Medical Association) diploma in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and former chiefs of clinic in Swiss University Hospitals.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in our partner clinics are equipped with all the necessary and the most modern facilities: children’s changing tables, isolation room, apnea mattress, saturometr, surveillance cameras, phototherapy lamps and neonates ECG. Graduate medical personnel specializing in neonatology constantly check on the young mothers. After the baby is born, the midwife gives moms all the necessary advice on breast feeding and so on.

Miscellaneous equipment allows our specialists to control premature labor, starting at the 34th week of pregnancy, as well as to monitor twins.

All the efforts of hospital staff are intended to ensure that mothers and their children have maximum safety and reliability.


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