Prevention and age management treatment

Anti-aging medicine envisages aging as a process of which one can, with the help of different techniques, delay the development.

Once past the barrier of 50 years of age, life often changes in surprising ways when certain diseasesbreak out. One of the major factors in this process is the significant drop in hormones. From then on, the quality of life that one took for granted deteriorates slowly but surely.
From another angle, aging is characterized by: inflammations, glycations, oxidation and damage to our DNA and mitochondria.
Thanks to anti-aging medicine, this gradual decline in hormones and the deterioration of our cells can be corrected and prevented.
New bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and specific anti-aging protocols have evolved to such a point today that a better quality and a longer span of life can be attained.
Our anti-aging specialist identifies and treats the nutritional and hormonaldeficiencies and provides a personalized approach.
By optimizing lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress levels, detoxification and hormone replacement, this revolutionary medicine boosts your energy, your well-being, your happiness and your sex life.
Anti-aging medicine is the medicine of this new millennium.



Two types de chelation exist:

  • To fight against arteriosclerosis
    Natural products are injected intravenously in complete safety and without any side effects (some contraindications are still to be observed). These products allow the removal of the arteriosclerosis calcified plaques in our arteries and more particularly those situated in the coronary and carotid arteries.
    Length: 3 hours, under surveillance by a specialist physician and by a qualified nurse.
    Number of sessions: from 10 to 20 maximum, depending on the severity.
  • To remove toxic heavy metals from the body
    Natural products are injected intravenously to eliminate the heavy metals present in the body such as mercury, aluminium, cadmium, arsenic… These metals encourage the appearance of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, loss of cognitive functions as well as numerous cancers and it is advisable to remove them as far as possible.
    The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the intoxication

A simple saliva test carried out very early in the morning and transmitted to a renowned specialist in a laboratory situated in California (USA) allows the identification of the genes of your genome. With this procedure, the “bad” genes that can be the trigger of various diseases (hypertension, cancer, diabetes, infarction, thrombosis, Alzheimer’s…) can be identified.
The predictive test is the most recent of the biotechnologies used in the USA.

This revolutionary science allows the silencing of the bad genes before they are able to express themselves and create a disease. This miraculous preventive medicine is the cornerstone of the new medicine of the third millennium.

This intravenous technique is dedicated to people who constantly feel tired without apparent reason, without energy and experiencing loss of concentration…
Each of these conditions is associated with a high degree of intoxication by chemical toxins, pesticides, insecticides, general pollution, poor water quality, poor diet, intake of foods known as “junk food”, excessive consumption of alcohol and/or tobacco…
The injected products help the elimination of the toxins ingested in one way or another.
This therapy does not present any risk or side effects. After 3 to 4 sessions, the patient already feels an immense difference and the symptoms of chronic fatigue disappear.

When we age, the hormone level in our body diminishes drastically; not only sexual hormones but also the thyroid, pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal and other glands as well.
Anti-aging medicine allows these hormones (testosterone for men and oestrogen for women) to be brought back to an earlier level thus allowing the reversing of biological age.

The anti-aging specialist uses techniques of non-routine regulation totally different from those used by traditional medicine or by dieticians. This new science is based on extensive recent research with medically proven results over the long term.

These days, stress has become the number one killer – a silent murderer. The number of stress factors increases steadily (social, financial, professional, political…) and has a direct impact on our health.
Anti-aging medicine has discovered natural remedies to keep our stress level under control and to escape the fatal outcomes it generates.


Stage of check-up and treatment:


  1. Consultation with internist anti-aging specialist with ECG
  2. Standard blood analysis
  3. Biocheckup blood and urine analysis


The infusions are made only of natural products, anti-oxidants, anti-glications, polyvitamins, minerals, amino acids, oligo elements and chelating agents. No secondary effects. These treatments have been created by our specialist and are patented.

Day 1:  (after consultation and blood analysis): liver detoxification by intravenous infusion.
Day 2: Treatment to increase the energy by intravenous infusion.
Day 3: Chelation of toxins and heavy metals by intravenous infusion.
Day 4: Stimulation of the immune system by intravenous infusion.
Day 5: Antyoxidant cocktail by intravenous infusion.
Day 6: Super high dose vitamin therapy by intravenous infusion.

Depending on the blood results and the anamnesis of the patient, this treatment can be adapted and focused on specific health problem. Thus one type of infusion can be provided more than others and the treatment can take more time.

Estimate price for 6 days treatment (without accommodation): CHF 13’900.00

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