How does a spring detox help improve your health?

Winter often puts extra strain on our bodies. A moderate cleanse can be good for our health. How do you detox your body to improve your well-being with the arrival of spring?

Detox helps rid the body of toxins accumulated due to poor diet and environmental factors. In winter, we tend to eat more (and this is not always a healthy food), and move less. As a result, toxins accumulate in the body. This is mainly a residue of chemicals – pesticides contained in our food.

Detox aims to stimulate the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins.

Thus, detox helps get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, reduce nervousness, improve skin, and sleep. Plus a balanced diet and physical activity also contribute to this.

In this article, we’ll talk about a balanced diet that will help provide an easy cleanse of the orzanism. If you add lymphatic drainage massages and sports with it, you will achieve even more noticeable results.

Note that detox is not a diet. Its goal is not to lose weight.


How to perform a spring cleanse of the body with nutrition?

Give preference to light meals, fruits and vegetables with vitamin C content, steam cook vegetables, which allows you to preserve the vitamins and nutrients they contain without adding fat (broccoli, green beans, etc.), and add some draining and antioxidant foods such as black radishes, artichokes or lemons to your menu.

Avoid fatty meats and give preference to lean meats such as chicken or turkey to replenish animal proteins. For plant proteins, eat soy or tofu.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. Eliminate or reduce your intake of refined sugars and animal fats that are too rich in saturated fatty acids.

Green tea or chicory are great alternatives to coffee because they are rich in antioxidants.


Black radish

Black radish stimulates the intestines and bile ducts, increasing bile secretion and therefore speeding up digestion. It has antioxidant properties. Black radish can even be eaten raw.



Artichoke contains inulin, a sugar found in plants. Once inulin enters the intestines, it is metabolized by the intestinal flora. It is a prebiotic that stimulates the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora, such as bifidobacteria. These bacteria help in the synthesis or absorption of a number of nutrients needed by the body. Artichoke activates the secretion of bile, which facilitates digestion.



It is helpful to start the day with fresh lemon juice diluted in a cup of hot water. Lemon aids in digestion and helps flush out toxins more quickly. Lemon also has diuretic properties that stimulate the kidneys.


During detox, it is especially recommended to consume fruits and vegetables because they have antioxidant properties because of the phenolic compounds found in the plants, which can neutralize free radicals that damage cells by oxidizing them.

To reduce the loss of vitamins and nutrients contained in vegetables, it is recommended to steam them.


And as we said before, do not forget about physical activity, which is an integral part of the detox program.

During the detox, it is recommended to eliminate from your menu hard-to-digest foods, meat, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods.


These were recommendations for a light spring cleanse that you can do at home.

We offer a deeper DETOX at our medical center in Geneva.

The DETOX program includes an examination and daily drips for purification of the liver, blood vessels of the brain, kidneys, nervous system and removal of heavy metals.

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