Blood test to find IgG antibodies to food intolerances, with 270 aliments..

What is an IgG food allergy, also known as a food intolerance?

Type III allergies are often undetectable, because the symptoms may only appear hours or even days after the food has been eaten. This time lag between eating the food and the body’s response makes it extremely difficult to identify the real cause of the allergy.

If you have a type III allergy to certain foods, your immune system starts producing specific IgG antibodies to the food once it has entered your body. These antibodies in turn cause inflammation in the body, and with frequent consumption of such foods, the inflammatory process becomes chronic. The symptoms of the above-mentioned type of allergy are varied. And their  appearance may be delayed for up to three days after consumption of the food.

It is important not to confuse type III allergy with classical type I food allergy. In type I allergy the immune system produces IgE antibodies, which cause an immediate, obvious allergic reaction, literally within seconds or minutes.

Type III allergy tests (food intolerance) do not detect classic food allergies.


80 % of all immune reactions occur in the intestines. Intestinal immune cells create an almost insurmountable barrier against various pathogens, viruses, bacteria and foreign food proteins. Our body is extremely tolerant to a wide variety of foods, provided they can be digested correctly, there are no latent allergies and therefore the intestinal defences are not compromised.

However, for several reasons, such as excessive or improper consumption of medication, various infections, fungi, stresses and toxins from the external environment, the integrity of the intestinal wall is damaged and leaky gut syndrome occurs. In this case, food particles slip between the intestinal cells, to which the immune system may react accordingly.

It is in our power to help the body not to provoke inflammatory reactions in the body. In order to do this, we simply have to eliminate the foods that the body cannot process (type III allergies).

In order to find out what foods you have type III allergies to, we offer you our  food intolerance test. This will improve your quality of life by adjusting your eating habits to suit you personally.

After a blood test, the patient receives a transcript of the test results and a detailed individual nutritional concept.

The test result is available within 5 days.

Price CHF 990.00

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