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One patient of 52 years was complaining of increasing pain in his left knee. The patient is likes to exercise regularly. During the winter season he’s used to go skiing and this pain was starting to really be a problem for him. He did some radiographies that showed a beginning of arthrosis (stage 1). He went to see his orthopedics specialist that suggested to start with anti-inflammatory creams  and maybe not to put too much stress on the knee.  The patient didn’t want to reduce his sport activities and the cream helped a little at the beginning but then the pain came back being the same and even to worsen. The patient came back to his doctor. He was explained that the problem will get worse and that at one point in a few years he will need to think about a knee prothesis. In the mean time some hyaluronic acid infiltration to lubricate the joint or some cortisone infiltration to relieve the pain was suggested. The patient didn’t want some cortisone and started investigating some other options. He heard about our mesotherapy method and came to see our specialist Dr Jubin for some advice. He decided to try this technique that is painless, non-traumatic and leaves no traces. This was 4 years ago. Right now the patient has almost no pain anymore, the arthrosis didn’t disappear but didn’t increase and he practices sports as he likes it. He comes and does his mesotherapy once or twice a year.

Our mesotherapy uses formulas that have been created specifically for challenging, chronic and pejorative situations over time. We are not only treating pain, even if it is the first request of patients, but initiating a repair process allows a lasting relief that can be counted in months or even years.

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