Detoxify your liver!

Your liver’s function is to help detoxify your body, but you should also think about detoxifying your liver.

The liver is a primary defense against daily toxins. People used to think that the main threat to their liver was alcohol. But today’s nemesis is obesity. The result is an epidemic crisis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Those whose diet consists of junk food and drinking sodas are falling victim to non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases at alarming rate.

The liver is one of the largest and most important organs of the body. It is susceptible to many sources of damages. These can include fatty liver disease infections, metabolic insults, and toxic poisonings including alcohol abuse. And chronic liver injury increases the risk for: liver cancer, cirrhosis, and liver failure.

Here are some underlying correctable risk factors of the surging liver disease epidemic:

  • Excess of alcohol ingestion (especially without accompanying it with antioxidants like n-acetyl-cysteine).
  • Excess use of acetaminophen pain-relieving drugs
  • Abdominal obesity and excess body weight that contributes to nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases.

Mile thistle extract has demonstarted benefits for non alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, and cirrhosis. It contains several natural compounds that demonstrate the ability to defend the liver from injury. These compounds offer multiple mechnisms of liver protection, including strong oxidant protection and anti-inflammatory properties.

In multiple studies of humans with fatty liver disease, intake of milk thistle extract has been associated with a reduction in fat deposition and improved enzyme blood markers of liver dammage.

Health-conscious individuals can boost their body’s absorption of these productive compounds by taking standardized extracts of milk thistle that have been made more bioavailable via a phospholipid delivery system.

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