COVID19 lab tests


At our Medical Center you can get any type of test for COVID 19 (smear and blood test) :

PCR test:

– A smear is taken from the nose and throat.

– This test is designed to detect the presence of the virus in its active form.

Relevant for patients in regular contact with large numbers of people, as well as for patients who travel frequently.

Blood test:

– Intended for patients who want to know if they have had the virus (possibly in an asymptomatic form), whether they have developed antibodies and in what quantity.

– We do a highly sensitive test for this purpose. Please note that the production of antibodies may not happen immediately, but 3-6 weeks after the disease, and sometimes if the patient has had a mild form of the coronavirus, the antibodies may not appear or only in small amounts.  Depending on the situation, in case of a negative result, additional testing after 2-3 weeks may be recommended.

Test results are ready in 24 hours

Our nurse will come to your home, your office or your hotel to take the samples (if you are in Geneva).

It is now clear that a positive test result does not lead to permanent immunity to Covid-19.

To make an appointment for the test, please send an email to

Or by phone

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