Vitiligo is a pathology of the skin where melanin fades in some parts of the skin, causing the development of white depigmented spots. The cause of vitiligo can be many factors, such as inflammatory skin diseases, the effect of certain medications and chemicals, features of melanogenesis. Predisposition to vitiligo is often hereditary. Vitiligo disease is not fully understood.

But it is safe to say that vitiligo is not transmissible and poses no danger to the people around.

In addition to the above, the triggers of vitiligo are: excessive sun exposure, stress, chemical or physical skin irritation.

White spots can appear on any part of the body, but mainly on the hands, knees and elbows, ie in areas of skin friction.  Vitiligo can occur at any age, but most often it appears at a young age.

Treatment of vitiligo is aimed at preventing the appearance of new spots and reducing existing ones. The treatment protocol for vitiligo involves antioxidants and immunomodulators, strictly dosed UV irradiation of the skin, PUVA therapy, laser treatment. Surgical methods are also used.

Vitiligo treatment

Official medicine says that today a reliable way to cure vitiligo has not yet been found.

!!! But, we can challenge this opinion. The doctor we have been cooperating with for several years now has shown excellent results in treating vitiligo.

The treatment protocol is always individualized for the patient, and includes a combination of different techniques:

  • The latest generation Excimer laser (308mm).
  • Phenylalanine-Hellin (a precursor of melanin synthesis) applications. A special formulation with liposomes makes it possible for chelin to pass rapidly through the upper skin layer to the basal membrane where the melanocytes that produce melanin are concentrated. This application was created in a well-known German clinic, and our doctor always adds it to the treatment protocol of vitiligo in combination with the laser.
  • Upon indication and at the request of the patient, in addition to the previously listed methods, we conduct a Detox Program for the purification of the entire body.
  • Micro-transplantation of skin areas without pigmentation disorders to the damaged areas using Erbium-yag laser. When the transplanted skin areas have taken root, they are irradiated with UVF excimer laser in combination with applications of Phenylalanine-Helline. All this will be followed by a series of procedures with an excimer laser (at the patient’s place of residence) and probably a second micro-transplantation of unpigmented skin areas.

The treatment protocol is chosen by the doctor depending on the degree of the disease.

  • If the patient is prescribed the procedures with excimer laser 308mm in combination with Phenylalanine-Hellin applications, the therapy may take up to 12-14 days. A cleansing treatment can be performed at the same time.

Cost CHF 14.900

  • Treatment with micro skin grafting takes an average of 18 days.

Cost CHF 19.800

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