Pain in the elbows

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Most often, an epicondylitis (elbow) inflammation is considered a tennis player pathology, but many people suffer from elbow pain without playing tennis. Many sports and small shocks can cause inflammation next to the bony protrusion of the arm, the outer side of the elbow.

For example, for the golfer as for the tennis player, it is the vibrations of their instruments, club or racket, which are transmitted until the elbow, perpendicularly to the insertions of the tendons at this place, that may cause inflammation.

The tendons (more than thirty) connect the fingers of the hand that grips the club/racket to the muscles of the forearm and from there to the elbow where the anchors in the bone are sensitive to shock, vibration and stress repeated during violent and jerky movements, or when grasping, raising or throwing.

The tendons become fibrous, less elastic and can fray or tear over time. Inadequate scar tissue formation causes painful and permanent tendon inflammation on both sides of the elbow.
There may be also the pathology of the joint, irritation or inflammation of the nerves that pass nearby.

In the case of the golfer, pain in the golfer’s elbow is more common when the position is inappropriate, stiff and repeated or when the strength on the club is done with excessive use. There can be also unbalanced clubs.

Our joint specialist will help with his advises and his mesotherapy to get rid of this problem that can become chronical.

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