Pain in the hip

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Hip pain is common and is caused by osteoarthritis, traumatic or repetitive injuries, compressed nerve, bursitis or other tendinitis, inflammation of the bones and joints leading to progressive deterioration of the hip joint. The disease has no cure, the cartilage is eroded, the head of the femur comes into contact with the iliac cavity.

Very often, the solution proposed in cases of advanced osteoarthritis of the hip is ultimately to replace the joint with a prosthesis. Patients and doctors wish, because of the limited life of the prosthesis, to delay the operation as long as possible.

During this time, mesotherapy allows very often to make the pain quite bearable and to be able to choose the right moment for the operation, by making sessions every 6 months to a year. Mesotherapy is also the right  treatment for all those who wish not to take large doses of drugs or who can not take them because of multiple pathologies or sensitivity.

Mesotherapy sessions are very simple, non-painful, effectively replace the taking of substances sometimes difficult to bear.  Experience shows that if the mesotherapy does not allow you to wait calmly for an operation, it is that the time has come and no other medication will no longer be effective. Moreover the two methods can be associated without contraindications.

Micro injections allow to drop droplets of a specific formula very close to the joints and will initiate a repair process allowing the painkiller effect to persist often for a year.

As a general rule, the unique formula used by our specialist triggers a rapid action with regard to pain and a slow action of tissue regeneration over time.

This technique hasthe Swiss-Antiage label for joints in general.

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