Dermatology Treatment, Hochgebirgsklinik Davos

Due to Davos’ favourable mountain climate, skin diseases and allergies have been treated here with great success for many decades, often as a last attempt to resolve reoccurring conditions.

The clinic has particularly succeeded in helping patients who suffer from chronic inflammatory skin conditions to combat their diseases and also reduce the frequency, severity and duration of the inflammation even after leaving the clinic. This is especially important for patients who, having exhausted all possible alternatives, now need cortisone treatment and are possibly at risk of developing side-effects from internal or external cortisone usage.

These patients can often have their dosage of cortisone gradually reduced or even be weaned off the treatment completely replacing it with conventional anti-eczematous treatment.

For many patients allergic to house dust mites or other airborne allergens, the allergen deficiency of the high mountain climate encourages the total healing and discontinuation of medication altogether. This, combined with specialised equipment and highly skilled staff at the clinic’s dermatology department, makes it possible for patients to undergo a complete allergologic diagnosis (skin test, diagnostic diet). This diagnosis in turn means the patient receives the best possible treatment, especially in cases of unclear etiology.

The localised application of well-studied substances in conjunction with pharmaceutical technology at various stages of the condition often removes the necessity for treatment, and therefore any unwanted side-effects. This allows patients to achieve their main aim – to avoid being prescribed cortcoids in the first place, or for patients already dependent on cortcoids, to cease taking them.

At the clinic patients have every opportunity for conventional systemic dermatological treatment. However, prescribing tablets is not the clinic’s first treatment of choice. In the majority of cases, comprehensive medical, nursing and socio-pedagogic treatment, along with the favourable soothing effects of being 1,600 metres above sea level, make it possible for patients to be treated without the systematic application of medication.

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