Pain in the knee

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There are three large joints in one knee. Thus we can face 3 different osteoarthritis: femoro-tibial osteoarthritis, patellofemoral osteoarthritis and between the tibia and patella. Structures, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, menisci or defects, axis, mechanical, genetic, may be responsible for early osteoarthritis of the knee. We focus on your pain over time and the reasons for choosing Mesotherapy to make them disappear.

The only real effective treatment immediately, in one session, and lasting many months is the Swiss Label Mesotherapy.

The older the pathology with deformities (osteophytary banks) and the more Swiss Seal joint mesotherapy will be effective.

Mesotherapy is also the right  treatment for all those who wish not to take large doses of drugs or who can not take them because of multiple pathologies or sensitivity.

Mesotherapy sessions are very simple, non-painful, effectively replace the taking of substances sometimes difficult to bear.  Experience shows that if the mesotherapy does not allow you to wait calmly for an operation, it is that the time has come and no other medication will no longer be effective. Moreover the two methods can be associated without contraindications.

Micro injections allow to drop droplets of a specific formula very close to the joints and will initiate a repair process allowing the painkiller effect to persist often for a year.

As a general rule, the unique formula used by our specialist triggers a rapid action with regard to pain and a slow action of tissue regeneration over time.

This technique hasthe Swiss-Antiage label for joints in general.

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