When to do a genetic test?

Genetic testing has made huge progress in preventive medicine. These blood tests are very reliable and now patients have the possibility to know whether they are at a certain level of risk concerning illnesses like:

  • Certain types of cancer
  • Cardiac diseases
  • High cholesterol predisposition
  • Neurology – Epilepsy
  • And more and more

If the results show a high risk for the patient, our physician will propose risk-reduction measures including:

  • More frequent surveillance options
  • Prophylactic surgery
  • Treatment guidance
  • Testing of first degree family members

But before doing any of these genetics tests, we advise our patients to have proper counseling with a physician and a geneticist to understand the consequences of such exams and its results. Are some patients ready to know that they have 85% risk to develop a breast cancer? Not all them.

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