Weight loss diet don’t work, we recommend a personalized approach!

The slimming diets offered by magazines will never work, because we all react differently to the consumption of healthy food, which allows some to lose weight when other gain some. A study recommends a personalized approach.

For example, a woman has presented an increase in its level of sugar in the blood every time she ate a tomato, food yet considered low in sugar and fat, according to the study which involved 800 people in Israel.

“The first striking surprise and discovery we had, is the great variability of reaction of people to the same dishes,” summarized Eran Segal, a researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

The participants controlled their sugar for a week and provided stool samples to analyze their gut microbiome, while closely monitoring their food consumption.

“There are big differences between individuals – in some cases, they had opposite reactions from each other ” said the specialist.

Instead of following standard diets, we need a much more personalized approach, putting people at the center of the regime and not the opposite, which will not only help them control their sugar levels but also improve their health.

With the biocheckup (descripiton below), we have developped with our Health and Prevention Center specialist a better way in advising personally each patients. We can help them lose weight, improve their general wellbeing and avoiding future complications.

You can check our weight and health management program for more details.

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