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A woman of 50 years old came to us with a diagnosis of cervical dysplasia of grade 3 made in her country.  Her doctors there were quite dramatic and already talking about uterus cancer. Taking into account that she was already in her 50’s they were pushing for a hysterectomy. She was hesitating quite much and was scared of having such a radical operation. Even if she was in menopause, she didn’t feel comfortable with the idea. Her husband and her decided to go abroad to confirm the diagnosis and have a second opinion. Through some acquaintances that had been treated at Health and Prevention Center, they took contact with us and explained the situation. After discussion with our gynecologist specializing in endoscopic questions, we planned very quickly a consultation with HPV 16-18-45 smear. Results were available after 48hrs and HPV 16 and 18 appeared positive with a dysplasia of grade 2. During a second consultation, our specialist suggested a small resection of the cervical tissue where the cells were exposed. It’s a small intervention under local anesthesia that takes about 30 minutes. The patient agreed.

Our specialist is very busy but he found some time for the patient knowing that she was coming from abroad. The resection took place the next day. The patient entered the clinic at 11:00, and she could go out 2 hours later. The tissue that was taken out was sent to the pathology laboratory and showed no malignant cells. The patient left 1 day after the intervention. In total she stayed 5 days in Geneva and she left relieved with a healthy uterus.

The patient comes now regularly for control and her condition is fine with no recurrence of suspicious cells.

A second opinion and some new lab exams always are useful, especially when radical surgery is offered to the patient.

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