Quantum medicine: checkup and healing with bioresonance and biofeedback

A complementary option for your preventive checkup.

Quantum Biofeedback is becoming a necessary, mainstay in holistic, preventative medicine alongside with eating fresh organic foods, exercising, mediation and yoga.  Biofeedback devices have been prevalent for decades in Europe and Russia. These ultimate technologies have finally been made accessible to the public and now a new revolution in medicine is taking place.  We can pinpoint what is happening within the cells, epigenetics, and genes and we can communicate with the cells of your body to heal.

Quantum is the understanding that matter and energy are one and the same and that anything that exists (including thoughts, bacteria, cells, plants) has an energy signature that is transmitted and shared with the universe.  In the field of Quantum Medicine, we understand that healing our patients has a profound impact not only on the patient but on the entire planet.

The biofeedback devices treat on the quantum, subatomic level for radical changes in health, behaviors and healing. With the Eductor device, we can detect and analyze the frequencies that are being emitted from your body with the ability to detect problems years before they occur.  This is the most advanced way to prevent disease.  Imagine knowing that you will have thyroid problems or liver cancer later in life and there was a device that sent frequencies on the subatomic level, treating your body years in advance. Having that knowledge and treatment would change your life, preventing illness from occurring. We recommend that not only adults, but also children consistently work with a specialist in Quantum Medicine and receive regular checkups and treatments.

Our specialist can detect and analyze the frequencies that are being emitted from your body with the ability to detect and treat problems years before they occur: thoughts, emotions, trauma, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, food additives, pollution, pesticides, food sensitivities, genetic predispositions, hormonal imbalances, geopathic stress, current diseases and many other symptoms.

As a doctor with more than 20 years’ experience in holistic and traditional medicine, Dr Krisztina Korcsog focuses its treatments to heal the subconscious of the body, at the very source of the illness. This leads to radical healing from the inside out. By supplying bodies with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals, overall wellbeing is guaranteed.  Our specialist gives patients steady guidance and discernment in any health issue might occur.

We will be sharing with you vital knowledge for your own personal healing insuring a better quality of live.

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