Microbiome: your gut is connected to your immune health

70% of the human immune system resides in the gut. Surprising isnt’ it? It’s called the microbiome.

Your immune system relies on the healthy intestinal bacteria to protect the body from illness. Age, poor diet, medications, and stress can upset the delicate balance of good to bad bacteria.

The microbiome comprises the trillions of microorganisms that live in the human gut. Today we know that the microbiome plays a critical role in health and disease. The increased consumption of processed carbohydrates, meats, fats, preservatives, and other additives can alter our microbiome. In addition, antibiotic overuse kills both healthy and bad bacteria. As a result, our gut microbiome becomes disrupted and imbalanced.

An imbalanced gut microbiome contributes to autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic fatigue, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, obesity and more. Allergic disorders, asthma, can also be related to an unhealthy population of intestinal bacteria.

This being said, we can understand the value of taking quality probiotic to help balance the microbiome and strengthen the immune system.

Boosting probiotics with phage therapy

A unique treatment known as phage therapy uses bacteriophages to selectively reduce harmful bacteria, making way for beneficial probiotics organism to flourish. Using probiotics with bacteriophages can quickly and effectively rebalance the gut microbiome.

A phages cocktail is effective within hours, not days, and in very small doses. As and added benefit, it functions not only in the large intestin, where bacterial imbalance is a problem, but also in the small intestine, where undesirable bacterial overgrowth can occur.

Studies show that taking probiotics with targeted phages removes competing, unhealthy microbes to allow the beneficial probiotics to attain huge numbers.

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