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Between traditional coffee or morning tea, daily gourmet breaks, and industrialized prepared meals, sugar is everywhere in our diet! In sweet products of course, but also in other unsweetened ones! (soups, bread, bread, gherkins, cookies, ketchup, tomato sauce, sausages, sauces, vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar, bouillon cubes, rusks, prepared dishes, frozen …). Thus, almost all of our current consumption

This is a breakthrough: many patients with breast or lung cancer can avoid chemotherapy and its serious side effects, according to studies  that should change the way cancers are treated. The first good news is for women who have had breast cancer. Up to 70% of them can avoid chemotherapy, depending on the results of an existing

Every year in Switzerland, more than three thousand people die from lung cancer, the most deadly of all cancers. Men are the most affected, but in industrialized countries their tumors are decreasing, as many of them have given up tobacco. On the other hand, the number of cases increased among women who started smoking a

According to a study in the United States, two genetic mutations from the three responsible for the development of cancer are provoked by errors in cell division, a key process in the regeneration of the body. This conclusion, however, can cause a lot of controversy. “There is ample evidence that changing certain factors, such as

Pomegranate fruit extract is a rich source of polyphenols, chemicals in plants that provide their flavor and color. Polyphenols are also antioxidants, that are thought to provide several heart-protecting benefits, including reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol. And the level of these antioxidants is higher than do many other fruit juices. The fruit is

According to a study, the presence of three proteins in urine can be used to detect some early stage pancreatic cancer with over 90% accuracy. High levels of a combination of three proteins in urine seem to be a good indicator of pancreatic cancer in early stages of development, according to British researchers. Their study,

A team based in Bern emphasize the importance of aggressive cells’ development in healthy tissues, opening the way for potential new treatments. Researchers supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation have discovered how aggressive cells can invade healthy tissue in the early stages of tumor development. This breakthrough opens a new way to attack cancer at its

Immunotherapy is a new class of cancer treatment that works to harness the innate powers of the immune system to fight cancer. Because of the immune system’s unique properties, these therapies may hold greater potential than current treatment approaches to fight cancer more powerfully, to offer longer-term protection against the disease, to come with fewer

Oncology (from the Greek. Onkos – mass build-up, swelling and Logos – teaching science) – the science that studies the causes, pathogenesis, clinical course of tumors and develops methods for treatment and prevention. Development of Oncology is closely linked with the success of biology (especially of Cytology and Genetics), chemistry (eg, biochemistry),  medical theory (pathology)