Treatment in Switzerland

Switzerland is the country with the most developed sphere of medical services in Europe. Our clinics are distinguished by high European standards of treatment in Switzerland. They are equipped with all the necessary equipment for a full comprehensive examination and further treatment in Switzerland.

HPC HEALTH AND PREVENTION CENTER Geneva will find for you the medical center in Switzerland, specializing in the treatment of your illness. The best specialists from swiss clinics are at your service.

Our country has great medical potential, and offers patients a wide range of medical services and technologies for treatment in Switzerland. According to WHO, the Swiss public health system is one of the best and most efficient in the world. Switzerland offers an excellent network of private hospitals, whose physicians hold FHM or equivalent diplomas. The level of technology and medical services for treatment in private hospitals in Switzerland is extremely high. Cooperation between various private clinics and public hospitals allows clinics to offer patients a full range of modern medicine and technology.

Treatment in Switzerland is a great alternative for those, for whom in their residential country, doctors failed to render required medical treatment. The advantages of treatment in Switzerland are obvious: highly qualified doctors, state-of-the-art technologies, perfect diagnostics, certified medicines, high level of comfort and service.

Patient satisfaction with treatment in Switzerland is an important indicator of hospital quality. It mainly reflects patients’ perception of treatment quality, medical results as well as the competence and friendliness of the staff. In addition to the high level of medicine, Swiss hospitals also offer their patients a high level of comfort (good food and nice rooms). Thanks to all the above mentioned reasons, treatment in Switzerland gives excellent results.

Patient satisfaction with treatment in Switzerland is measured by the National Association for the Promotion of Quality in Hospitals and Clinics with its standardized questionnaire. These measurements can be considered the most reliable and comprehensive in Switzerland. After hospitalization, patients are asked to fill in a questionnaire on the quality of treatment in Switzerland.

The website of the British newspaper The Telegraph published a Euro Health Consumer Index ranking evaluating the effectiveness of European health systems in 2018. The study ranked thirty-five countries according to forty-six indicators grouped under six main headings: patient rights and information, waiting times, treatment effectiveness, range of services offered, prevention and pharmaceuticals (in particular access to new modern medicines).

Switzerland took first place among all European countries – which is not surprising, since the country invests heavily in its health care system. Switzerland is the only country where everything is done right in terms of information, patient rights and accessibility – for example, the shortest waiting times and direct access to specialists. The Swiss health care system is also distinguished by the efficiency of treatment (e.g., oncology). Basic (compulsory) health insurance covers outpatient treatment in Switzerland, emergency care, abortions, vaccinations, rehabilitation and medication. The Swiss have a record life expectancy of 82.9 years on average. In short, by scoring the highest number of points, Switzerland has the best score in the ranking.

Treatment in Switzerland presupposes direct access to the most advanced diagnostic methods. And, as we know, correctly diagnosed is the key to successful treatment. Quite a short time ago treatment in Switzerland was accessible only to the elite. Today the situation has changed and foreign patients can appreciate the professionalism of Swiss doctors. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the highest level of service at foreign recovery centres. Treatment in Switzerland offers comfortable and convenient wards, exceptionally caring and attentive medical personnel, and highly professional care. The most convincing indicator of the level of medical services development is life expectancy of people in this or that country. Japan, Switzerland, France, Canada and Andorra lead the way.

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