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What is the Schroth course?

The Schroth course offers fantastic therapy opportunities for weight loss and body cleansing. In comparison to other slimming diet programmes, the Schroth course has the added advantage of cleansing the whole body. As a result of this treatment, complex metabolic changes happen throughout the body, giving every cell a spring clean.

Why is cleansing so important? Non-natural ingredients in food and modern unhealthy eating habits lead to a build up of toxins in the body. These all put added pressure on the liver and excretory organs, which cannot cope with further toxins especially if they have already been weakened. Results can include weight gain, increased blood pressure, susceptibility to arthritis, pancreatic diabetes, gout, increased levels of uric acid and cholesterol. What’s more, the chain reaction caused by these factors doesn’t exclude the risk of arteriosclerosis. The Schroth course helps remove the dangerous substances created by our vital functions before any these alarming consequences are allowed to take hold.

How does it work?

The full cleansing treatment takes place in the Schroth course over 3 to 4 weeks. It includes a fat-free, salt-free and protein-free diet, wraps, therapies to stimulate the metabolism, regulated liquid intake, light physical exercise and rest. Harmful fats and proteins are destroyed, toxins removed and the cells renewed. Blood circulation is improved and the patient will feel good as new.

The Schroth course combines a successful combination of hydrotherapy and a planned diet. The diet is adapted for each client; however, the four main principles of the Schroth course remain unchanged. :

1) Schroth course wrapbr>2) Regulated liquid intake3) Schroth course diet4) Sport and recuperation

1. Wrap

With the help of this treatment the body is aroused from sleep. To begin with the body is wrapped in a cold sheet and the covered with a warm blanket. In order to increase the temperature to the necessary level up to three bottles of water can be used. The wrap has the following results: firstly, a 2-degree temperature increase returns the rate of the metabolism to normal, which strengthens the body’s cleansing processes. Secondly, a reduction in the rate of the metabolism, which is necessary for burning calories, coupled with a low-calorie diet enables natural weight loss. The removal of water from the body is not the only method of weight loss.

2. Regulated liquid intake

Regulated liquid intake gives the body and especially the immune system extra drive. Similar to Spa water, drinks (tea, fruit juice and also low-calorie yellow label dry white wine) are prescribed according to each patient’s medical needs. In terms of metabolic rates alcohol is burned up more quickly than any other substance. Wine acts as the main stimulant. What’s more, it contains vitamins which include all the basic biologically active elements in particular a mix of vitamins B, A, C, D, and H. An eighth of a litre of wine contains the daily recommended dosage of these elements.

3. The Schroth course Diet

A fat-free diet with no dairy products or salt. The necessary energy levels depend on the carbohydrate processing rate. After years of research, it was scientifically proven that a surplus of proteins can harm the body. A surplus of proteins can cause a thickening of the thin upper layer between the so-called capillary membranes. If they are too thick, these membranes can not be supplied with enough food, which could cause part of the body’s systems to fail. During a short period deprived of these proteins the body begins to use its own reserves, which leads to a slimming of the membranes, which provide the proteins the blood needs.

During the program of the Schroth course carbohydrates are transformed entirely into carbon dioxide and water. You can independently monitor the digestive process by comparing the colour and strength of your urine. At first it is light in colour, and then it clouds which indicates that the cleansing process is underway. The Schroth course puts a special emphasis on abstaining from fatty foods, which are one of the main causes of harm to the blood vessels in the modern world. One of the most important pieces of scientific research of recent years is the study of HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotiens). The research, in which Oberstaufen also participated, proved that alcohol intake of up to 15 grams a day increases the level of high density lipoproteins, which provides some protection for the blood vessels. The level of low density lipoproteins is reduced, thanks to which the risk of sclerotic changes in the blood vessels is also lowered.

Of equal importance for the human body is a reduction in the amount of salt consumed. The average daily intake of salt is 10-20 grams, when actually 3-4 grams are sufficient for regular osmoregulation. A significant reduction of salt (NaCl) reduces blood pressure and the chance pf oedema formation. It is also important to observe almost complete abstention from medication during the treatment.

Please note: medication should only be stopped after consultation with the spa’s doctor. Medication to reduce high blood pressure, or blood sugar levels should only be stopped gradually during treatment of the Schroth course.

‘More’ leads to less impressive results.

The fundamental principle of the Schroth course is fasting. The Schroth course’s diet is intentionally uniform. It is certainly not a gastronomic dream. The reason for this is that the diet has been designed so that guests can relatively quickly become accustomed to the rations and stop feeling hungry. Once the guest stops dreaming about food, it means that they are on the right road to success. A diet with little or no variation in the amount of food allowed can possibly have serious effects on the guests’ personality, but it is important to remember the principle that less brings greater results.

The Schroth course uses especially gentle ways of preparing food for the diet, such as boiling, steaming and light grilling. The meals include only the freshest, seasonal foods, rich in vitamins that aid the removal of toxins and waste products from the body. What’s more, animal fats are not used in the preparation of food; instead high-quality vegetable oils, such as extra virgin olive or grape seed oil are used.

The use of herbs, citrus fruits and various sorts of cabbage and leaf plants speeds up the metabolism. Other key ingredients include spinach, which contains a lot of iron, and asparagus, which encourages the loss of excess water and toxins from the body.

4. Sport and recuperation

A healthy balance of open-air sports’ activities and recuperation gives your mind and body a new lease of life. Walks, Scandinavian hikes, golf, horse riding, gymnastics and swimming improve the body’s metabolic process. To ensure harmony between mind and body clients are offered relaxing massages, concentration training and other spa treatments.

The Schroth course treatment was developed over 170 years ago.

It consists of planned diet, body wraps, regulated liquid intake, and physical activities such as massage. Physical exercise that is too strenuous can cause the body more harm than good, as this strains the cardiovascular system. Of course, it is important to avoid large water loss in the sauna, when exercising or undergoing thermal treatments.

As previously mentioned, one of the key aspects of the Schroth course is the diet. As the Schroth course requires a certain level of physical exertion, the sports part of the treatment is lightened. Nevertheless, the Schroth course does everything so that the clients become accustomed to physical exercise, which they continue at home, not only to maintain their weight but also to improve their metabolism (it has been proven that sports can increase the body’s level of high density lipoproteins). Stretching exercises, massage focusing on the key muscles, lymph drainage, general massages and reflexology etc.

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