Pain in the hands

Live better, live longer

The hand is complex, many joints, muscles, tendons nerves, different structures to cohabit in a small space without interference. Living with pain in the hand influences terribly your moods, your lifestyle, your general health.

All tissue or operating disorders cause joint pain in the hands. Often, many therapists, rheumatologists, orthopedists, occupational therapists, surgeons may encounter difficulties to find solutions against rheumatism, osteoarthritis, or other traumas of the hands.

Not to mention immune or family diseases like rheumatoid arthritis that need to be treated as early as possible for better results.

Pain can touch the wrist and be accompanied by tingling, loss of sensitivity, stiffness of the fingers, feeling cold or swelling.

The diagnosis of the pathology of the hand in adults is extremely complex. It is based on a clinical examination, an examination of the patient, imaging tests, electrodiagnostic examinations such as electromyogram (EMG),  blood test.

Our team will be able to highlight the links with a general pathology, coming from the family or acquired, to understand purely local situations and give you the best advice or prescribe the most effective adapted treatment taking into account your lifestyle.

The success of the treatment depends on collaboration between the specialists responsible for coordinating several treatments, both local and general. Mesotherapy Swiss Label is one of those.

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