Acne treatment: Biolux blue photomodulation

Pictures of our patient without  filter or photoshop

Adolescence causes many changes in the body. Acne is one of the negative sides of this process and can be a big source of stress.

Indeed, the fact that there are many spots, that can be quite big (one sometimes even talks of microcysts), can be very difficult to deal with for a young person who sees his body transform.

Sometimes you can consult several dermatologists. They advise soaps, creams. But without any clear success. Acne remains, extends and the teenager feels worse about him/herself.

Today, in fairly heavy cases, specialists often prescribe treatments based on Isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Curacné, Procuta, ContreAcne). It is a retinoid, that is to say, a derivative of vitamin A occurring naturally in the body, produced by the liver in small quantities. In general, these drugs are very effective after 3 to 6 months of treatment.

However, these therapies can be quite tough for the human body. The patient’s skin dries rather significantly. Lips chapped. The liver should be checked regularly. It is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to take this type of medication. And lately, it is also noticed that these treatments can cause depression.

So when the teenager and his/her parents are faced with a problem of significant acne, it is normal to hesitate about how to proceed so that puberty goes well, and to avoid complex due to external appearance.

Are you resolved to take the big guns without much thought to the impact that this drug could potentially have on the body? Or do you continue the light methods and hope it passes and the skin will not be too damaged by any scars?

Our medical center offers another solution: treatment of the skin with light. Indeed, the LED light is used for various treatments of the skin, including acne. Photomodulation LED is the latest component of non-aggressive and non-thermal light therapy to be used in dermatology. Initially used by NASA for its property to accelerate the healing of astronauts wounds, the LED light was then subject of many research and laboratory studies that confirmed its effectiveness in the treatment of skin problems.

In partnership with BIOLUX MEDICAL brand, specializing in LED photomodulation machines, we offer the Blue Bioluxe device. It uses the blue light that has bactericidal properties frequently used for the treatment of acne. Blue light also acts on the regulation of the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands and the proliferation of bacteria responsible for acne. The red light is used for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The device comes in the form of a small elegant box. Its use is very simple. The manual is very clear, and a small 15-minute session every two days is recommended. A small pair of glasses is provided to protect the eyes (although we do not speak of UV in this case, but LED). And after three sessions, results already appear.

  • The advantages of Bioluxe blue:
  • Home Care device with a high end ergonomic design
  • High-power focalized ,calibrated and sorted LEDs OSRAM
  • Positive and reproducible results
  • Non-invasive, non-thermal and 100% natural technology
  • No side effects
  • Painless
  • Proven Results

Price: CHF 600.00.
10% discount for the purchase of two devices.

Below are some pictures of the effectiveness of Biolux blue.

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