Bad Ragaz

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From time immemorial Bad Ragaz and its thermal springs have been inseparably associated with each other. They belong together like water and ocean.

The rise of Bad Ragaz to fame began in 1840 when for the first time the thermal waters were led down into the more easily accessible village in the valley by means of a 4-kilometre long wooden pipe system. The farming village rapidly developed into a well-known spa resort with a stream of visitors from all parts of the world, and particularly the Russian aristocracy, coming to stay. The curative force of thermal springs Tamina is legendary and courses of treatment and therapy have performed here 600 years ago. The most beautiful thermal complex in Europe the “Helena Bad” was constructed on these springs. You will be impressed not only by the royally decorated thermal – marble columns, arcs, models, wall-paintings and gildings, variety of water-pools, jacuzzi, therapeutic water attractions, but also by the special neat and slow ceremonial of water treatments.

Bad Ragaz has established medicinal centres that have gained an excellent reputation internationally. Recently the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre was opened and the traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the numerous practising doctors and therapists, augmented by the beauty and wellness studios, help the visitor to guard his health and well-being.

And everyone knows that Europe’s most famous football teams have successfully prepared themselves in Bad Ragaz for their important matches, and will continue to do so. The golf course enjoys a century of tradition and Bad Ragaz is proud of being able to offer its guests a new, nine-hole public golf course opening in summer 2005.

Nature takes over a key position in offering a worthy setting for sporting and leisure activities. Bad Ragaz has the privilege of being embedded in the scenery of the Lower Alps with a favourable climate. The varied landscape should be so accessible that within the framework of the health offers also the necessary recuperation for body and soul is guaranteed. Here we carefully cherish and respect nature.

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