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Nearly have of cancer death are caused by bad lifestyle choices.

A study conducted by the american cancer society has found that 45% of cancer deaths and 42% of cancer cases in general can be attributed to modifiable risk factors – voluntary behavior such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, poor diet, and alcohol consumption.

The top three behavioral cancer-death causes break down as follows: Smoking at 29%, overweight and obesity at 6.5% and alcohol at 4%.

In term of specific forms of the disease, smoking was to blame for 82% of lung cancers, excess body weight accounted for 60% of uterine cancers and roughly one-third of liver cancers, and alcohol intake led to 25% of liver cancers in men and 12% in women, 17% of colorectal cancers in men and 8% in women, and 16% of breast cancers in women.

Ultraviolet light exposure from either sun or tanning beds was linked to a whopping 96% of skin cancers in men and 94% in women.

Health and Prevention Center’s specialists can help you change your bad habits, detox your body, improve your daily nutrition, prevent diseases.

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