Meet Nicolas Stucki and Marina Drozd, cofounders of Incorpore Medical Center

Meet Marina Drozd and Nicolas Stucki, cofounders of Incorpore Medical Center. They created their company in 2004 because they wanted to offer the best care available in Switzerland for foreign patients. At that time, they realized that foreign patients were interested to come to Swizterland for medical care for different reasons:

  • Second opinion
  • No trust in the health system of their home country
  • No availability of acute medical care in their home country
  • Some people travailing to Switzerland for professional reasons and were looking for some general screening during this time

It appeared that these patients didn’t really know who to address. Privat clinics? University hospital? Privat practices?  Yes, there are plenty of qualified doctors in Switzerland, but which one is the right one for a specific problem.

This is actually a question that even Swiss citizens also asks themselves. For example in the ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialty, did your know that not all doctors are good with ear acute problems? Some gynecologist are fantastic for fertility problems but don’t do obstetrics. One orthopedics specialist masters the shoulder problems and another one the foot injuries. Thus during these last 15 years, Incorpore has been building a network of the most qualified doctors of the country and we know who is the right doctor for you. Additionally the care of foreign patients is something else than for patient that live in Switzerland. This means acting fast, for a short period of time and efficiently. Incorpore Medical Center’s staff and doctors are trained to do so. Nicolas and Marina keep trying to improve in every details to be able to give the best care and service available.

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