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Opened in 1861, the Beau-Rivage is a “Belle Epoque” style palace hotel with a classical and timeless structure.

The hotel has welcomed a great many political personalities and celebrities and has even been the venue for a number of major historical events like the treaty signed here in 1923 by the United States and Turkey, defining the borders of the new Turkey and putting an end to the Ottoman Empire. With its impressive salons decorated with 18th century frescoes and marble columns, the hotel very quickly became an important establishment in Europe for visitors in search of luxury. Famous for its irreproachable service, the Beau Rivage continues to be in harmony with the modern era while at the same time preserving its original charm. And to maintain this spirit in the rooms, the hotel commissioned designer Pierre-Yves Rochon to rejuvenate the décor. The renowned creator retained the essential of the “Great Lady of the Lake”, but added a discreet and elegant modern touch. The result is a magnificent combination that gives the term, classicism, great nobility.

The hotel, on the banks of the lake, in the heart of a 4 hectare park which is part of the property, has 169 rooms and suites ranging in size from 28 to 140 square meters, the latter for the most luxurious suites. All the rooms are designed in the same spirit as the hotel with comfort guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding guests. Pierre-Yves Rochon once again contributed to this spirit by creating accommodations with the accent on light, an optimal use of space and by integrating cutting edge technology. The tones of the fabrics are light in color, and a subtle use of mirrors enables guests to play with the light reflecting of Lake Leman. One of the effects of the total renovation that took place in 2009 is the gastronomic restaurant, one of the highlights of the Beau Rivage. Under the direction of Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, the cuisine celebrates excellence, generosity and sharing : “For the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne, I created two menus which reflects the family, love, nature, the freshness of berries gathered on the side of a road, the strength of the mushrooms at the end of a forest and the memory of aromas of a family cuisine for simple and authentic pleasure.

The Beau Rivage is a select destination for important personalities, and in this vein, the hotel possesses 7 different presidential suites; unique accommodations for even more exclusivity in this “grand hotel.

Cinq Mondes spa-centre

Health and beauty is not a luxury, but a natural necessity of modern life. For this Beau-Rivage Palace has entrusted Cinq Mondes, an expert in the field of beauty and relaxation, the creation of the resort’s new spa centre.

The aromatic Japanese flower baths, Aromatic Turkish flower baths, the Tropical Rain walk and the sweet Bliss Together therapy were all created especially for relaxation at Cinq Mondes.

Cinq Mondes combines a unique palette of face and body cosmetic care with physical treatments bringing quality, professionalism and traditional, national rituals. Ayurvedic and water massages, facial cleansing with extracts of papaya, Tai face massages and many others treatments will provide guests with an amazing sensory experience.

Thanks to a huge glass window with a view on the park and the outdoor swimming pool, the Cinq Mondes at Beau-Rivage Palace is always filled with daylight – morning, afternoon or early evening. Cinq Mondes is located in 1,500 square metres of modern elegance, which unites precise architectural lines with generous and natural cosmetic products.

  • 6 spas for one or two people
  • 2 Rain of Flowers suits (30 sq. m) with Japanese baths
  • 1 Bliss Together suite (60 sq. m) with Japanese baths
  • 2 Turkish baths with cloakrooms
  • Sauna and lounges
  • Fitness-centre with a view of the lake and garden (80 sq. m)


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