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Hotel Château d’Ouchy 4* is situated on the edge of the lake with one of the most imposing panoramic views in Switzerland. The hotel adds to its charm with scrupulous service by a qualified staff, concerned with making this stopover a haven of peace.

Landri de Dumes, Bishop of Lausanne, had the tower of the current Château built in 1170. A century later the building was reconstructed, then converted into a walled residence for the bishops, including the eminent Guillame de Varax, who was particularly fond of it. During the era of the Bernese occupation, the Château was neglected and in 1609 its tower was reduced to ashes after which it was used as a grain loft.

When the Bernese left, the State of Vaud reclaimed the building and in 1885 handed it over to Jean-Jaques Mercier. The new owner razed the ruins and old buildings to the ground, radically transforming the Château, but left the tower.

The Château was reconstructed by the architect Francis Lsoz in its current neo-gothic style between 1889 and 1893 in order to convert it into a hotel.

In 2001, the Lottery of French-speaking Switzerland bought the building. The hotel closed at the end of 2006 for renovation. In September 2007, the Lottery of French-speaking Switzerland entrusted management of the Château to Lausanne Palace and massive alterations began. The opening of this boutique hotel, renovated in a contemporary style, has built a bridge between its past steeped in history and a way of life at the forefront of modern trends.

This fantastic and simultaneously avant-garde dwelling houses 50 fully-equipped rooms of which 17 are junior suites and 7 superior suites.

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